Free Anni ladycare intimate wash

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Anti-bacterial, deodorizing, weak acidic antibacterial, fast cleaning secretions, rich foam, 0 soap base, fresh and deodorizing, gentle cleansing, moisturizing, skin care, natural plant extract care, weak acidic pH, care for the micro-ecological balance of private parts
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Product Name: Free Anni Okinawa Verbena Wash
Size: 145ML
Benefit: Intimate Cleansing and Care
Usage Recommendation: Use within 6 months after opening.

Naturally Nurturing Daily Care for Refreshing Softness

Intimate Care,  Soap Free   

Intimate Expertise: Amplified Daily Care

Rapid Secretion Cleansing: Oil-based Secretions, Perspiration

Microbiome Nurturing: Gentle Acidic pH

Odor-Refreshing: Detailed Odor Control during Menstrual Cycle

Verbena extract tender care

Discover the essence of tender care with the extract of Okinawan Verbena, known as "Japan's Hawaiian jewel." This botanical treasure bestows a soft and soothing touch, unveiling skin as delicate as petals.

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Allow the refreshing embrace of verbena to naturally exude a cooling sensation, sweeping away the stickiness of the day and the weariness of worries. With a single wash, it's as if you've descended into a sea of verbena flowers, witnessing your own fresh and romantic transformation.

How to use


Open the bottle cap.


Press the foaming pump to dispense an appropriate amount of foam onto your hands.


Gently apply to intimate areas.


Rinse thoroughly with water.