ELOO DOCA Goat Milk Skin Care Refreshing Cream

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ELOO DOCA's Goat Milk Skin Care Refreshing Cream hydrates and refines the skin with platinum particles to strengthen the skin's foundation. It helps to lock in moisture, making dry skin look and feel more supple. Perfect for all skin types, this cream leaves a rejuvenating and refreshed feeling.

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Product Name: ELOO DOCA Goat Milk Skin Care Refreshing Cream
Brand: Eloo Doca
Eloo Doca Product: Goat Milk Radiance & Clarity Moisturizing Cream
Cosmetic Category: Facial Cream
Suitable Skin Types: All skin types
Release Date: 2016
Benefits: Hydration, Brightening
Net Content: 50g
Special Purpose Cosmetic: No
Cosmetic Shelf Life: 3 years

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Indulge your skin in the luxury of renewed softness.

ELOO DOCA Goat Milk Skin Care Refreshing Cream

Goodbye dryness, hello refreshed radiance.

Intensive Nourishment: Nurture and refine, minimizing pores, for a flawless, pure, and luminous complexion.

Fine Line Improvement: Effectively diminish pseudo wrinkles, fine lines, and return to youthful skin vitality.

Skin Brightening: Efficiently slow skin oxidation, illuminate complexion, unveiling radiant and hydrated skin with doubled radiance.

Unveil the Secrets of Rejuvenation

Blending rare goat milk essence with a medley of pure, natural extracts, this infusion allows skin to blossom anew in the embrace of nature's nourishment.

Goat milk, resembling mother's milk, holds a higher nutritional profile compared to regular cow's milk. This skincare ingredient is easily absorbed by the skin, providing a nurturing and revitalizing touch, for skin as refreshed as a newborn baby's.
Abundant in natural antioxidants, it significantly diminishes signs of skin aging, maintaining skin's suppleness and moisture balance. It also brightens complexion, enhancing skin's beauty and youthfulness.
Boasting potent moisturizing abilities, it enhances the skin's resilience against external stressors, while addressing concerns like roughness, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores.

How to use


Take a suitable amount of facial cream and rub it evenly between warm hands before gently pressing it onto the face.


Apply the product on the forehead, cheeks, and chin, then glide the cream outward from the center of the face.


For the T-zone, gently apply the cream from top to bottom, then move towards the lips, jawline, and finally down to the neck.