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Profit from Free Anni's Distributorship

Wholesale products at half price

After joining our distributor network, you can purchase our products at half the regular price. You can then earn money by reselling these products at your chosen retail price, enabling you to create a profitable sales venture.

1、Introduce 3 agents, can enjoy $1500 goods for free
2、Introduce 5 agents, can enjoy $3000 goods for free

By referring new distributors, you have the opportunity to earn money. Upon successfully introducing three distributors, you will receive $1500 worth of merchandise free of charge, adding an extra incentive to expand our network.

1、Annual sales reach $10,000, get a rebate of 2%
2、Annual sales reach $30,000, get a rebate of 3%
3、Annual sales reach $50,000, get a rebate of 6%

Maximize your income by achieving annual sales milestones. Based on different tiers of sales volume, you'll receive varying commission percentages as a reward for your sales performance. This system motivates consistent sales growth and offers proportional commission returns.

Advantages of being Free Anni distributors

Free goods exchange once within three months
Reliable and Safe Products
Sample Trial, limited to two per customer
Well-Established Brand
Generous High-Earning Discount
Marketing Support & Business Strategy Guidance

How to become a distributor?


Buy our $3000 USD distributor program. We'll add $3000 USD to your account and send an exclusive 50% discount code via email.


Use your account balance to choose and purchase products from Free Anni's official website. We'll ship your order promptly.


Refer more distributors, recharge your account, meet sales goals, and earn higher commissions. Your success fuels rewards in our distributor network.

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If you want to receive a sample or have any questions about our Distributor Program, feel free to email us.

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Free Anni distributor program

Join our distributors for $3000 USD.

We carefully select natural, healthy, and high-quality ingredients from around the world and empower product innovation with technology. We offer a range of safe, high-quality personal care products and personalized services. We focus on customer needs and provide services to importers, dealers, and retailers. Our marketing support policies are ready for you!