Free Anni Bra & Underwear Detergent 99.9% Antibacterial

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99.9% anti-bacterial, 99% mite removal, 25% active additive, quickly removes yellow stains, and blood stains, for mothers and babies, no hardness, no damage to hands, citrus fragrance, 3 active enzymes, low foaming and easy to wash without hurting hands.
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Fulfil your imagination of underwearcleaning

Botanicals|Active Proteins|Soft, clean and

25% active ingredient: Quickly removes yellow stains, blood
stains, secretions

99.9% anti-bacterial and anti-mite: Phytogenic formula, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Citrus: Fragrance experience, natural freshness

Low foaming and easy to wash: No hardness, no harm to hands, 0 burden

99.9% anti-bacteria and mite removal

Easy to solve the problem of bacteria and mites. Close protection, cleanliness and peace of mind.

3-fold enzyme essence

Lipase: Remove blood stains, sweat stains. Protease:Effectively dissolves yellow stains. Cellulase:Disperses stubborn stains attached to fibres

25% active substances

*25% active additives: Surface active ingredients, sodium alcohol ether sulphate, cocamidopropyl betaine, primary
alcobol ethoxylate, alkyl glycosides.

Colourful Forest Citrus Physical and mental pleasure

Colorful Forest - Citrus Fuchsia Hand peeled from a juicy mandarin orange. The refreshing orange and lemon zest blossoms in the morning dew and mist, awakening the soul at first sniff.

Mildly antibacterial Clothing and hand care

Clean Imported Coconut Oil: Natural coconut oil extract, gentle purification and colour protection.

Softening Curaçao Aloe Vera: Deep care for the fibers of your clothes, no stiffness.

Skin-friendly Cedar Extract: Cedar extract skin-friendly and comfortable.

Hand Care Golden Chamomile: Chamomile extract, clothes and hands care.