Free Anni  Medical-GradePersonal Care Products

The FreeAnni range of sanitary napkins are all made with medical grade standards and selected from high quality ingredients, and are made to care for women's soft skin. They are widely recognised for their high value, stylish packaging, comfort, safety and protection. They not only meet the needs of women during their periods, but also provide peace of mind for every woman's health and confidence.

Product features:

1. Cotton soft surface layer: Selected high-quality raw materials, soft and comfortable, gentle care for the skin, effectively eliminate red sores, allergies and other problems.

2. Highly permeable base layer: Highly permeable base layer is designed to accelerate the absorption and elimination of menstrual blood, keeping the surface dry and reducing bacterial reproduction and odor breeding.

3. Anti-side leakage design: The sanitary napkin edge is designed to fit snugly, effectively preventing side leakage and giving users confidence and peace of mind.

4. Long-lasting absorption core: High molecular absorbent resin, sea absorption, dry and not wet, instant absorption of menstrual blood, lasting dryness, effectively avoid leakage and residue.

5. Ergonomic design: The sanitary napkin as a whole is designed to fit the curve of the body, comfortable and natural, not easy to deform.

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