Eloo Doca  Goat Milk Skincare Series

ELOO DOCA reveres the magical energy of nature, inherits the concept of natural and healthy products, makes products with craftsmanship, and selects natural and gentle natural beauty elements around the world, supplemented by advanced technology refinement, to bring safe, effective, and trustworthy beauty products. The products are designed to make women's skin more youthful and beautiful, stylish, wise, confident, and romantic. With a new look and a bigger heart, ELOO DOCA is committed to making high-quality skin care products available to more women. Reduce skin stress and fade away the signs of aging.

ELOO DOCA Goat's Milk range is a skincare range with goat's milk as the main ingredient. It is known that fresh goat's milk is close to human breast milk and is the only natural skin care nourishing product that can be fully absorbed by the skin and is naturally rich in lactic acid which helps to break down sensitive skin conditions caused by dead skin cells. It also contains high levels of goat placenta and EGF to repair damaged skin and leave it fair and supple. Goat milk skincare is suitable for all age ranges and all skin types.

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